Event Safety Alliance Summit 2018

Event Safety Alliance Summit 2018

Matthew Ché Kowal was honored to be sponsored by Performing Arts Readiness to attend the Event Safety Alliance Summit Nov 28 – Nov 30, 2018 in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

This year’s event, “Designing for Safety: Planning, Creativity, and the Art of Problem Solving,” explored intentional design and safety/operational plans, training, event structures, and careers.  Basically, the summit was a broad survey of event emergency preparedness presented by the very best folks in the industry.

At the summit, Kowal spent several days talking, networking, workshopping, and generally collaborating with key players concerning everything that could possibly go wrong with crowds and events. He was able to experience over 20 presentations, workshops, forums, and activities concerning the importance of preparation for the worst and making secure and sounds for each and every community.




Topics included: Designing for safety, Simulation is a powerful tool, recognizing hazards, human psychology, the effect of stress on health and decision making, the idea of elimination or substitution in designing spaces, conflict resolution, building resilient teams, codes and limitations, rigging safety, the art of explaining safety concerns, weather safety, event safety management, analyzing emergencies, touring production safety, the reality and safety concerns concerning “mud baths” and “mosh pits,” navigating power dynamics, building safe and consistent work practices, rescue planning for when people fall, health awareness, boosting “brand value,” automation and hazard creation, and key strategies to take home and apply to daily work and life.

Check out the event’s full schedule here! 

Event Safety as an industry has come such a long way, and continues to strengthen and grow as it becomes more and more important to rally around event safety considering the world we are living in. The importance of planning for the worst even while celebrating the best of event cannot be emphasized enough. We are excited to see what Kowal’s preparation can do for Majestic Collaborations and the types of contracts we serve!







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