VACDaRN – The Art of Mass Gatherings: Safety, Sustainability, Community Relations, and Accessibility

Thank you Rachel Onuf, Amy Cunningham, and Michele Bailey for inviting Matthew Ché Kowal to share our Art of Mass Gatherings with the Vermont Arts & Culture Disaster and Resilience Network on September 10, 2019.

We are extremely grateful for your supportive community and the example you are setting on the east coast.

In addition, Majestic Collaborations would like to send a big “Thank You!” to Maya McCoy, Janet Newcomb, Brent McCoy, Tom Clareson, and Ali Cornish. Your contributions and support have been indispensable. 

The Vermont Art’s Council believes that art, culture, and creativity are at the center of a community. They know that art can transform our lives, connecting us to each other, energizing the economy, and sustaining rich, cultural landscapes. Kowal and Majestic Collaborations stand behind VAC’s guiding principles, and we believe that starts with the community. Empowering communities to embrace the importance of planning is at the center of the Art of Mass Gatherings’s mission. Below are other videos from VACDaRN featuring planning for emergencies, recovery, and healing. 

Developing an Emergency Plan

The Role of Artists in Recovery and Healing 

Hazard Assessment as the Foundation for Emergency Planning


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