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Preparedness For Civil Unrest

For centuries arts and culture organizations have served as a community gathering space for people from all backgrounds. These spaces welcome diversity, they are a place to share with others our art—a piece of our souls. They are a place to be seen, to be heard, to be recognized—they are a beacon of light within […]

Compassionate Trash & Water Service For Encampments

Episode 1: Hydration and Sanitation Stations  Hi, I’m Ali Cornish, Communications Specialist for Majestic Collaborations. I’m here with Matt Kowal and Molly North who are the founders of Majestic Collaborations. They are here now to talk about another division of their company called Majestic Water Works. Matt and Molly recently gathered with volunteers in downtown […]

Amplify Music 2020 – Resilience and Community Ecosystems

    Majestic Collaboration’s co-founders Matthew Ché Kowal and Molly North recently hosted the panel “What is Resilience?” as a part of the incredible Amplify Music Digital Conference. Amy Schwartzman, independent consultant, and Mollie Quinlin Hayes, deputy director of South Arts joined the discussion. Thank you so much to Dr. Gigi Johnson of UCLA and […]

Four Things We Appreciate Now More Than Ever

1. Health Care 2. Teachers 3. The Arts (music, movies, etc.) 4. Walking and Biking Safely in the Street Speaking of walking and biking safely…Right now, many communities throughout the world have begun to open sections of their street network for car-free transportation and recreation. Little by little, residents are starting to see and feel […]

The Ballad of Mary Valdez

A couple weeks ago around Thanksgiving, Matthew Ché Kowal got inspired and wrote a song called “The Ballad of Mary Valdez” in tribute to his mentor and friend, who he’s fondly named Mother Mary. “There are every day heroes about whom you won’t hear a lot of fuss down by the river mother Mary’s been […]

Art of Mass Gatherings | Innovating Music Podcast

Our founder Matthew Ché Kowal spoke to Gigi Johnson in last month’s Innovating Music Podcast about his expertise in running festivals focusing on sustainability into work focused on mass gatherings. Among other challenges in Denver, Matthew focused on answering these two important questions: What can emergency workers learn from music festivals? What can festivals do to help heal […]

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