Music Cities Convention Lafayette 2018

From Oct 11-12, Matthew Ché Kowal ventured to Lafayette LA for Music Cities Convention Lafayette. At Music Cities Lafayette, Kowal noticed a high interest in the utility of emergency preparedness cross-training at festivals to help build resilience in cities. Majestic Collaborations thinks that training for emergencies could go a long way in helping people respond [...]

Music Cities Lafayette

October 11-12, 2018 Majestic Collaborations will be heading to Lafayette this October for the Music Cities Convention, the largest and most extensive global gathering on the topic of Music Cities. This conference brings together leaders from governments, cities and regions, academics, organizations, and the music scene to discuss, debate, and introduce new thinking regarding best practices for improving urban planning, quality of [...]

Majestic Collaborations to work as Emergency Preparedness Consultant for Denver Arts & Venues

July 12, 2018  Majestic Collaborations will be Emergency Preparedness Consultant for Performing Arts Readiness hosted by Denver Arts & Venues We are very excited to share that Performing Arts Readiness has employed Majestic Collaborations in the role of Emergency Preparedness Consultant to develop emergency preparedness in Colorado’s creative and Performing Arts community. This position, also known [...]


November 9-11, 2017 Matthew Kowal and Majestic Collaborations collaborated with multiple different national and international organizations, musical groups, local vendors, and government officials to bring about Canadarado, a musical trade mission to inspire advocacy for Colorado’s music community. The mission supports the continued pursuance of creative and business opportunities across Canadian and Colorado musical industries and [...]