Event & Emergency Electrical Systems Workshop

On Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, Majestic Collaborations and are partners The Arts & Cultural Network for Emergency Preparedness network led by Denver Arts & Venues, Performing Arts Readiness, Colorado Creative Industries , and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation held a free workshop on Temporary Electrical Systems for Festivals, Events and Emergencies. These workshops were a follow-up to our inaugural Art of [...]

Denver’s Amazing Mobility Race

  Hosted by the Denver Streets Partnership, the Amazing Mobility Race got politicians to stop talking about transportation and actually go into the city and experience public transit. ..The Denver Mobility Race "was about instilling a sense of transportation urgency in people interested in leading the city." Kevin Beaty, Denverite  Beginning in the scantily served and sometimes [...]

2018 Replay

It is clear from our name - Majestic Collaborations -  that we have always valued collaborations. Initiating, executing, and following up on collaborations is at the heart and soul of Majestic Collaborations, Inc. We are mindful of the quality of each relationship and project we dive into, and highly cherish our ability to work across [...]

Event Safety Alliance Summit 2018

This year’s event, “Designing for Safety: Planning, Creativity, and the Art of Problem Solving,” explored intentional design and safety/operational plans, training, event structures, and careers. Matthew Ché Kowal was honored to be sponsored by Performing Arts Readiness and The Mellon Foundation to attend the Event Safety Alliance Summit Nov 28 – Nov 30, 2018 in Lititz, Pennsylvania.