Values Statement

When employing a team of people, we don’t stop looking until there is a very high level of diversity on the team. This can mean a lot of things, and is evolving. We believe that recognizing the indigenous relationship to the land we occupy should be researched and recognized and that reconciliation is an active and ongoing duty that we should initiate and bring openness and humility to. We regularly volunteer at St. Luke’s food mission, and believe that affordable housing and mental health are also part of the diversity conversation. We have been deeply involved with helping festivals and community events provide accommodations and deepening considerations for Americans with Disabilities, specifically: interpretation services, providing enhanced stage accessibility so that differently-abled performers and audience can seamlessly and safely take the spotlight.  We utilize networks such as to help find women that are qualified as sound and production professionals. We work with the University of Colorado College of Arts and Media to suggest interns, and have had been happy to work with highly skilled young professionals that are majority women and ethnically diverse. We believe that access to transit is transformative to communities and seek to build alliances with active transport and community/neighborhood leadership.  We have attended several music cities and transportation engineering conferences with international thought leaders at which diversity and inclusion was a central theme and focus of learning and sharing.   Simply posting or saying that you are hiring does not bring enough diversity, we are committed to building relationships, for example: El Centro su Teatro, Black Women on Bikes, West Town Bikes, Equality Carolina, American Friends Service Committee, Coloradans for Immigrant Rights, Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights, Arizona Pride in the Pines.  

As yet, we have no dollar amount set aside for workplace inclusivity – to roughly measure our investment perhaps 20-25% of our budget gets used to make sure we are able to attend conferences, trainings, donate time, services, audio/visual equipment for community events.