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To advance and enhance the power of gatherings

Arts Resilience & Emergency Preparedness

While music and arts organizations and professionals are economically vulnerable to the impacts of disasters, their skills and resources provide the capacity for effective response, positioning them to become leaders for their communities in times of need, if suitably prepared.

Experiential Learning

We teach in an experiential and immersive model and use festivals as classrooms to activate an arts-focused approach to resilience and emergency preparedness. When we gather together to share our expertise, we elevate the safe, sustainable, accessible, and community-minded outcomes of events in our communities.

Community & Accessibility

True participation comes from open dialogues which can change the course of an event or design. Involvement is dynamic and requires attention and care. Event design should be inclusive and consider accessibility for languages, cultures, people of color, modes of transportation, ages, and more!

Safety & Sustainability

Designing an event that is safe and sustainable is key to planning a successful event. We challenge the dominance of the single-use model for special events and focus on multi-stream, re-use and diversion. We consult to optimize event design to serve both community gatherings and emergency response.

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Majestic Collaborations acknowledges that all of its activities take place on ancestral, Indigenous lands.
Majestic Collaborations’ roots are in Denver, CO, the traditional land of the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Ute, Očhéthi Šakówiŋ, and others.