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Majestic Collaborations, Inc:

2018 Replay

Initiating, executing, and following up on collaborations is the heart and soul of Majestic Collaborations, Inc. We are mindful of the quality of each relationship and project we dive into, and highly cherish opportunities to work across multiple fields and arenas.
Click the interactive graphic to learn more about some of the organizations, causes, events and people we worked with in 2018.

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Majestic Collaborations works to inspire community engagement and to leverage international perspectives into locally directed initiatives.


Our Key Capabilities Include:

Public Relations

Content Curation

Talent Buying

Community Organizing

Special Events Marketing

Event Sustainability

Event Accessibility

Event Technical Direction

Volunteer Management

Diversity & Inclusivity

Certified Temporary Stage Contractor and Crowd Management

Transportation Planning

Built Environment: Edible, interactive, immersive

Expert alchemists:  Crowds ==> Gatherings


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Collaborations with People We Care About


The Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium



PrideFest Served As The Backdrop Of Symposium That Teaches Event Emergency Safety


The Art of Mass Gatherings on UCLA Innovating Music Podcast

The Art of Mass Gatherings Event Emergency Electrical Systems Workshop


Emergency Preparedness, Create Denver, Denver Arts & Venues

william-white-34988-unsplash copy


Civic Center Eats Undergoes Electric Grid Power Test

L.A. Program Brings Earthquake Preparedness to Neighborhoods


Music Cities Convention, Lafayette, LA 2018





Canadarado Music Trade Mission 2017



















New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat: Bike Advocacy and Non Profit Awareness







Original Music for New Belgium Brewing’s Ranger IPA










In the News: Links to Past and Present Collaborations:

Canadarado Music Trade Mission

Washington Post Celebration of beer, bikes and silliness at Yards Park

The Denver Post: Colorado breweries expand beyond tastings to engage with consumers

Impresario Matt Kowal, wrote and performed “Something Good”

Tour de Fat: Shining Like a Rainbow Over a Waterfall of Ho-hummity

A Look at Denver’s Tour de Fat Rehearsals

SoundCloud Recordings, Jingles of Matthew Kowal and The Reals

The Moth and Tour de Fat join forces for a special storytelling event!



Links to Past and Present Collaborators:

City of Denver – Arts and Venues


The MOTH – Story Project

A Taste of Colorado Festival

Zion Canyon Music Festival

PickleDilly Circus


The Reals

Rolling Spokes Bike Tours

New Belgium Brewing

City of Fort Collins – FC Bikes


Noteworthy Mentions and Projects:

Cause Marketing  – Halo Award –  Best Environmental/Wildlife Campaign: 

Gold: “Tour de Fat” New Belgium Brewing and multiple local cycling groups (2009)

The Reals – Nominated for Best New Americana Album (Westword 2004)
PRINT MAGAZINE International Design Review, The Reals – Majestic received two internationally juried awards for their letterpress poster and CD cover, featuring mixed letterpress and digital artwork, and a cowboy snap closure (2004)



Matthew Ché Kowal is the founder of Majestic Collaborations. He works with clients to inspire advocacy and leverage international perspectives into locally directed initiatives such as Denver Arts and Venues‘ Denver Music Strategy.

Currently, Matthew is hard at work inspiring national interest in event planning and safety with the Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium.

In the past, Matthew inspired advocacy for Colorado’s music community by leading Canadarado, FACTOR Canada’s 2017 Musical Trade Mission to Denver. He also curated New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat festival from 2005-2016, which included coordination of Grammy award-winning artists, community partners and 40+ nonprofits, pioneering sustainability practices, building collective leadership, promotion of alternative transportation, and striving to address gender and diversity equity in his talent booking.

As a community leader, Matthew has applied festival coordination skills to his activism and range of volunteer positions.

Since 1995, Matthew has fronted Denver-based R&B band “The Reals,” which was declared to be a Colorado staple by Governor Hickenlooper.




Molly North is a progressive transportation leader with a unique mix of technical, policy, and planning skills as well as a hearty dose of expertise in communication and collaboration. She believes that designing multimodal cities is an integral part of the solution to some of the most serious issues we are facing, including environmental racism, the climate crisis, and declining mental and physical health outcomes.

Molly co-founded Majestic Collaborations with her husband to directly participate in community resilience work. She recently completed her Master of Engineering degree to scaffold her experience in the public and non-profit sectors into opportunities to design active transportation projects.

She loves spending time with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. They like to play frisbee at the park, cook, play board games, visit National Parks, watch movies, and play pranks on one another. She likes to garden, read, travel, knit, work on puzzles, volunteer, watch birds, and hike. Oh, and she loves to listen to her husband play music!


Matthew Ché Kowal

Molly A. North

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