VACDaRN – The Art of Mass Gatherings: Safety, Sustainability, Community Relations, and Accessibility

Thank you Rachel Onuf, Amy Cunningham, and Michele Bailey for inviting Matthew Ché Kowal to share our Art of Mass Gatherings with the Vermont Arts & Culture Disaster and Resilience Network on September 10, 2019. We are extremely grateful for your supportive community and the example you are setting on the east coast. In addition, [...]

Grantmakers in the Arts

A national network of private, public, and corporate arts funders, Grantmakers in the Arts supports the growth of the arts and culture by providing leadership and service to amplify and appropriately apply philanthropic and governmental resources. The only national association of its kind, GIA includes “independent and family foundations, public agencies, community foundations, corporate philanthropies, [...]

Event & Emergency Electrical Systems Workshop

On Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, Majestic Collaborations and are partners The Arts & Cultural Network for Emergency Preparedness network led by Denver Arts & Venues, Performing Arts Readiness, Colorado Creative Industries , and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation held a free workshop on Temporary Electrical Systems for Festivals, Events and Emergencies. These workshops were a follow-up to our inaugural Art of [...]

Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium

Gatherings carry immense power. They bring together people to share, celebrate, debate, rally, sing, dance, and more. Gatherings help communities thrive, and have taken on a very important role in our society - perhaps more now than ever. It is easier than ever before to identify, connect with, and nurture communities in all their shapes and [...]

Denver’s Amazing Mobility Race

  Hosted by the Denver Streets Partnership, the Amazing Mobility Race got politicians to stop talking about transportation and actually go into the city and experience public transit. ..The Denver Mobility Race "was about instilling a sense of transportation urgency in people interested in leading the city." Kevin Beaty, Denverite  Beginning in the scantily served and sometimes [...]