The Ballad of Mary Valdez

A couple weeks ago around Thanksgiving, Matthew Ché Kowal got inspired and wrote a song called “The Ballad of Mary Valdez” in tribute to his mentor and friend, who he’s fondly named Mother Mary.

“There are every day heroes about whom you won’t hear a lot of fuss
down by the river mother Mary’s been working hard for us
Sometimes I think she’s got a mind to paint the whole damn town
Until all our stories’ been told in color right down by the ground
It Might be said there is no higher art Than a public Mural told with vision and heart
Hey hey hey Hailey Jade we’re so glad your grandma’s had so much to say
Hey hey hey Hailey Jade we’re so glad your grandma’s had so much to say…”

[Audio Player]

On his daily commute, Kowal rides his bike by many murals and art projects commissioned by community groups empowered by Mary.

Kowal and all of us Majestic Collaborators just love what she adds to our city!

“La Veleta/The Weathervane” (Photo by Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

Mary Valdez is Denver’s public art program coordinator. Here, she oversees the completion of Jaime Molina’s “La Veleta/The Weathervane.” (Photo by Kevin J. Beaty/Denverite)

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